ryanbeckenbaugh said: I'm a rising 3L, working for a big city PD this summer. I see my classmates and some new attorneys posting about their victories to Facebook a lot. I personally don't post shit like that to Facebook because I find it incredibly tacky and unprofessional. What do you/our fellow 12b6'ers think about this? xoxo

About winning cases? I don’t know. I think it should just come down to personal choice, but not being an actual attorney winning my own cases, impossible to tell.

I had something to say about law school stuff, though.

Anonymous said: I didnt make law review or moot court. If i dont find an internship for 2L school year will it look really bad? I want to do public interest law, thanks!

What do you mean, internship for 2L school year? You mean summer? 

Public interest jobs are difficult to secure right out of law school, too, but definitely try to find something relevant for your 2L summer and hustle. Good luck!

Anonymous said: What do you think of ll the social media accounts (twitter/tumblr, etc) making fun of people for going to law school? Is it jealousy? Are they telling the truth about the profession?

It’s definitely not jealousy.

A vast majority of people go to law school for the wrong reasons, and people are aware of that, that’s all. There’s also that because law schools don’t really have prerequisites, everyone feels like they can go to law school - and really, they can. As for going to the one they want to, surviving it, getting the job they want…that’s another story. 

Anonymous said: I went condom shopping at Hobby Lobby today.

I actually lost some followers after that Hobby Lobby post. For those people…I’m not really sure what you were expecting when you decided to follow me.

My profile picture is literally that of RBG flipping you off.


Followers who are taking the July bar -


Realizing the incoming 1Ls will probably have to read Hobby Lobby for con law

  • enjoy the nonsense 
  • and dont fucking skip the dissent

Anonymous said: Yo, I goto Fordham too. i stay in 8M. So answer to your question. Yes your followers do goto fordham. i hate the security guy.

I don’t go there, but yo Fordham peeps, what’s wrong with the security guy?

every summer
may:maybe i can have a summer fling
june:there's still a lot of time-

tantializing said: Your CSO post was hilarious. So that must mean you're kickin' butt where you're summering and pretty sure you're going to get an offer (or already have)??

no unfortunately CSO is just as useless when im doing well as when i am not

but im kickin’ ass, takin’ names obvs