Checking my weight after the summer

Checking my weight after the summer

Law school & 1Ls


lawschooltrials said: What do you do when one guy's arrogance is literally too much to tolerate? I need an action plan and nothing is off the table at this point.

  • wait for his arrogance to bite him in his own ass (happens often, but not enough)
  • tell people you had to help take his dog to the vet because he gave his dog herpes 
  • date him and then break his heart publicly and menacingly 
  • try to fart silently in his direction whenever possible
  • find out his weaknesses and ask seemingly naive questions about them
  • chloroform 

Anonymous said: 2L: where showing up to class 45 minutes early on the first day is not sufficient to get a good seat. Seriously, wtf?



the hell is wrong with your school

what 2L class could you possibly need a good seat for?

do you mean the only seats left were the front row because those are literally the only “bad” seats

Anonymous said: What is a cold call?

In many law schools professors use the “Socratic method,” which means that the professor will pick people at [seemingly] random to speak/answer questions. For some people it can be really rough to be put on the spot like that without volunteering to do so…and even for people who speak often in class it can still be pretty awful to be grilled on things they might not be so great at in front of the whole class.


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